Leadership Henderson

Leadership Henderson is a nonprofit organization under the Henderson Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Designed as a program of exploration and examination, Leadership Henderson examines issues, asks critical questions and strives to provide answers that do not conform to the status quo. The program is an eight-month course devoted to educating and empowering civic-minded professionals with a goal of building and maintaining a strong network of effective community leaders. Through panel presentations by community leaders and experts, simulations, plus hands-on experiences, participants learn about current issues pertaining to local economy, government, social services, health, gaming, business and education that effect the residents and businesses that call Henderson home. The program includes over 30 hours of professional leadership development by Elements Consulting. Selection of participants (both acknowledged and aspiring leaders) is based upon demonstrated leadership experience, potential, and abilities.

Opening Session – A two-day retreat serves as an overall introduction to Leadership Henderson and the study of leadership. Activities focus on developing strong working relationships between participants, identifying and evaluating the characteristics of leadership, and distinguishing each participant's leadership style.

Monthly Sessions – Full-day sessions are the first Friday of every month, held at various locations throughout the community and consist of panel discussions, lectures, community tours and interactive exercises, which include face-to-face discussions with top-level business, civic and governmental leaders.

Leadership Henderson Steering Committee 2013 - 2014

John Harvey  Chairman
  John Harvey, Class of 2009
  Harvey Innovations
  Connect with John
  (702) 236-9323

Gwen Harvey  Graduation Chair
  Gwen Harvey, Class of 2008
  Office Manager
  BOOM 702
  Connect with Gwen
  (702) 539-4500

Kelly Brockmann  Selection Chair & Vice Chair
  Kelly Brockman, Class 2001
  Senior VP/Community Relations  
  Nevada State Bank
  Connect with Kelly
  (702) 706-9033

Kelly Green  Biddin’ for Bottles Chair
  Kelly Green, Class of 2006
  Campaign Sign Management
  Connect with Kelly
  (702) 586-5961

Jeff Leake  Curriculum Co-Chair
  Jeff Leake, Class 2009
  Economic Development Manager
  City of Henderson Economic
  Connect with Jeff
  (702) 267-1655

Lisa Sich  Community Project Chair
  Lisa Sich, Class of 2005
  Principal Redevelopment  
  COH, Redevelopment
  Connect with Lisa
  (702) 267-1518

Kathleen Richards   Curriculum Co-Chair
  Kathleen Richards, Class 2008
  Sr. Public Information Specialist
  City of Henderson
  Connect with Kathleen
  (702) 267-2516

Allen Grant  Alumni Relations Chair
  Allen Grant, Class 2007
  Clear Channel Media +  
  Account Executive
  Connect with Allen
  (702) 279-6333

Victor Leach  Advance Chair
  Victor Leach, Class 2008
  Boom 702 & BioMechanics LV
  Connect with Victor
  (702) 467-0999

Nancy Smith  Elite Alumni Chair
  Nancy Smith, Class of 2010
  Connect with Nancy
  (702) 817-5748

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