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Alumni Program

What it means to be alumni:

As a graduate of Leadership Henderson I have had the privilege of seeing the new class excitement over their own project and the continued drive of the class' with ongoing projects. It is our goal as to assist and continue to grow this program. There is only one way to do this ALUMNI! We are the backbone of the program it is up to us for its success.

Being part of this alumni means from time to time we need to step up and help out. You might be asking, how can I do that? We have spent many hours coming up with the best solution in help you decide this. This page is designed to do just that ... GET INVOLVED!

Each class works on a project, some are a one time event, others are ongoing and require continued involvement. Your class project may not have 'hit it home' as it is difficult for the entire class to be emotionally involved in every project selected. Here you will find links to all the past classes and their projects. In addition, information on what their needs may be and how they can use YOUR help.

Best class ever information:

How Does A Class Earn Points?

  1. Attend Blitz's & Events
    • Must RSVP & sign in to get credit
  2. Participate on one of the following:
    • Steering Committee
    • Day Chair
    • Misc committees that assist with Leadership
  3. Continuing Class Projects and Assisting Other Class Projects
    • Multiple class have ongoing projects that need help
    • Must submit class project form to earn credit

To View Individual Classes Click The Year Below: