Ribbon Cutting
   August 20, 2018

Nevada Blind Children's Foundation New Location Open House/Ribbon Cutting

95 South. Arroyo Grande Blvd, Henderson, NV 89012

8/20/18  5:00 - 5:30 pm

Please join Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation to Celebrate their New Location!!

Open House/Ribbon Cutting, Monday, August 20th from 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Ribbon Cutting at 5:00 pm

95 S. Arroyo Grande Blvd

Henderson, NV 89012


Nevada Blind Children's Foundation


Visual impairment is a diagnosis, not a disability.

Our Goals

1.  Increase graduation rates and post-secondary education enrollment and/or vocation.

2.  Increase employment rates for blind adults. (approx. 70% are unemployed)

3.  Increase quality of life (i.e. independence, socialization, life skills) for blind or visually impaired children with significant intellectual and/or physical disabilities that prohibit them from graduation and/or a vocation.

Our Comprehensive Approach

  1. Family Support/Basic Needs - remove obstacles to success by ensuring each visually impaired and/or blind child and their family has access to the necessities they need such as: food, personal care items, housing, transportation, family education & support, etc.
  2. Education - provide a two-track education path for children ages birth - 22, beginning with preschool.
  3. Recreation - provide adaptive recreation opportunities to support socialization, independence, and educational goals.
  4. Healthy Living - coordinate health care providers including pediatricians, eye care professionals, and therapists, for referrals and consultations, creating a continuum of care that allows education professionals, parents, and health care professionals to work together.
  5. Employment & Life Skills Training - provide life skills and vocational training, be a first place of employment, employer education, and transition services.
  6. Advocacy & Community Awareness - advocated on behalf of blind and visually impaired children and their families and teach blind and visually impaired children to advocate for themselves.

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