What happens in City Hall or in Carson City can have an immediate impact on your business and on our business economy.

The Chamber is your voice – advocating for policies that foster economic growth, jobs, and new opportunities for your organization. We are a one powerful, collective voice that supports a pro-business climate.

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce (HCC) is the only organization in Henderson that represents businesses of all sizes, industries, and stages. Through identifying the needs of its members, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce harnesses the collective power of business to influence government outcomes through its legislative and issues committees as well as an Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC).

Get up to speed on recent government affairs efforts here.

Learn more about the HCC's
policy and political advocacy
efforts from Amber Stidham,
Government Affairs Director.

Learn more about the HCC's
Government Affairs efforts from Aviva Gordon of Gordon Law, who serves as Chair on both our Legislative and
Issues Committees.

Learn more about the HCC's IMPAC efforts from Bob Anderson of Snell & Wilmer, who serves as Chair on the HCC Board of Directors and is the immediate former chair for IMPAC.

Political Sponsorships & Materials Policy

Distribution of political materials and/or sponsorship of events/programming/services to benefit a political initiative or candidate may only be considered by the Henderson Chamber of Commerce (HCC) and its ancillary organizations (i.e. Foundation, IMPAC and Clark County Health Plan Association) strictly after a formal and public position/endorsement has been made in favor of such political initiative or candidate.

Organizations and individuals, regardless whether a member of the HCC or not, are able to attend any/all organizational events to conduct outreach so long as distribution of business cards, or other small correspondence materials, are carried on their person at all times.

Considerations that may fall outside the policy must obtain the approval of the government affairs director and president/CEO before proceeding.