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2016 HCC Member Policy Survey Report

From December 2015 through January 2016, a survey was conducted among members of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, Henderson Development Association, Henderson Chamber of Commerce Foundation and IMPAC. The purpose of the survey was to discover, broadly, state and local policy issues that may be impacting the local business community.

From the table of data provided by 166 survey respondents, the most significant items are as follows:

Although businesses reported an increase of revenues over the previous year, respondents feel uncertain about the future outlook of the business environment noting apprehension in hiring staff or expanding operational space as a result.

Respondents largely felt that state regulations on small businesses were somewhat reasonable, yet overwhelmingly noted that various tax measures and regulations impacted their ability to grow their business.

The desire for economic development (in terms of the development of new jobs and support of emerging industries), followed by workforce education, were of utmost importance to respondents when asked what advocacy issues should be addressed in order to positively support the business community.

View the entire 2016 HCC Member Policy Survey Report here  

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For more information on business advocacy programming of IMPAC, contact Amber Stidham, Director of Government Affairs at:  astidham@hendersonchamber.com or 702.565.8951