May 15, 2018

HCC advocates for business at federal level; Delegation visited Washington D.C. in April

Last month your HCC met with Nevada’s federally elected leaders while in Washington D.C. as part of the organization’s growing advocacy program. to discuss key issue including: workforce readiness, funding for career and technical training, impact of the tax reform package, discussion on the administration’s proposed Affordable Healthcare Act rollbacks, and need for continued an approved infrastructure funding package. While on Capitol Hill the delegation met with U.S. Senators Dean Heller and Catherine Cortez Masto; and house representatives U.S. Congresswoman Dina Titus, Jacky Rosen and Congressman Ruben Kihuen, as well as with varying policy directors at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 

Download 2018 Federal Policy platform


April 12, 2018

HCC's IMPAC endorses pro-business candidates for 2018 Nevada primary elections

In support of its pro-business agenda, the Henderson Chamber’s Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC) conducts candidate interviews while evaluating a number of criteria/considerations that aid in its collective endorsement decisions.

Early Voting: May 26 - June 8  |  Primary Election: June 12

Nevada State Senate
Dr. Joe Hardy (R), District 12
Ben Kieckhefer (R), District 16
James Settelmeyer (R), District 17
Keith Pickard (R), District 20
James Ohrenschall (D), District 21

Nevada State Assembly
Daniele Monroe-Moreno (D), District 1
John Hambrick (R), District 2
Jason Frierson (D), District 8
Steve Yeager (D), District 9
Tyrone Thompson (D), District 17
Chris Edwards (R), District 19
Jill Tolles (R), District 25
Teresa Benitez-Thompson (D), District 27
Jill Dickman (R), District 31
John Ellison (R), District 33
James Oscarson (R), District 36
Jim Wheeler (R), District 39

Clark County Commission
James Gibson (D), District G

“We are confident that we are putting forth a slate of candidates who have the ability to strengthen our business community here in Henderson,” said Matt Engle who serves as IMPAC’s chairman and is a member with the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, which is currently the fastest growing chamber in the valley with more than 1,300 members. “There is considerable strength in numbers and as the voice for businesses in the second largest city in the state, it’s imperative we are politically engaged to ensure we are not only supporting existing businesses, but also supporting legislators who will create an environment that makes us competitive with other markets.”

In determining candidates for endorsement, IMPAC requested responses to a questionnaire from each considered candidate and conducted interviews. Board members of IMPAC, which is comprised of 25 professionals from varying business sectors, also reviewed and evaluated each candidate’s history, professional experience, and commitment to civic service along with voting records of candidates currently serving as office incumbents. All information was compiled by the committee to determine which candidates would bring the expertise in understanding business issues, provide long-term strategic visioning and implementation policies, as well as, support the growth and attraction of successful businesses in Henderson and throughout Southern Nevada.

IMPAC will host a ‘Meet the Candidates’ reception and fundraiser on Tuesday, May 15 for newly endorsed candidates. You can register to attend here.  Additionally, IMPAC will evaluate and make endorsements for added candidates prior to the 2018 General Election.

The Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC) is a bipartisan group that makes direct contributions to candidates who promote and vote for an agenda of a favorable business climate. IMPAC operates separately from the Henderson Chamber of Commerce (HCC) by independent volunteer members of HCC and follows the mission of the HCC and its member businesses.

Download IMPAC's Primary Slate Card Here.

April 11, 2018

City of Henderson seeks business community input for “Opportunity Zones;” Public comment deadline April 18

The City of Henderson was recently asked to nominate areas for consideration by the Nevada GOED Department as potential Opportunity Zones.  If chosen, these areas will benefit from tax incentives for investors to reinvest unrealized capital gains into low-income urban and rural communities. Many believe this program has significant potential to encourage the private investment of billions of dollars in low-income communities across the United States.

Please make public comment between now and April 18. Comment using the GOED Nomination Form and enter one of the Henderson Census tracts being considered.  There are six Henderson tracts eligible for consideration. Suggested tracts for support include:

32003005200 (Downtown Water St & Lake Mead): The Water Street District and Lake Mead Corridor are both located in this tract and have seen the addition of several flagship food and retail outlets in the last 1-2 years including the Public Works Coffee Bar, the Lovelady Brewery Company and Flaming Fajitas currently under construction and slated to open this year. The area was also deemed an opportunity site in the recently completed and adopted Henderson Strong Comprehensive Plan. It was chosen for its readiness, current momentum and resident desire for change. Engagement efforts reached more than 26,000 residents and received nearly 5,500 direct inputs; residents said they prioritized Downtown Henderson, Lake Mead Parkway and the Boulder Highway Corridor for continued focus and reinvestment.

32003005439 (Pittman Neighborhood): In 2016, the city of Henderson participated in the Invest Health Strategies for Healthier Cities grant program supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Reinvestment Fund. Out of this cross-sectoral program, the Pittman Neighborhood Revitalization Plan was developed. The Plan aims to improve health outcomes in the Pittman neighborhood, which suffers from being in a food desert, aging infrastructure and housing, and having poor connections to nearby amenities and services. The resulting Pittman Plan is a short-term, action-oriented plan to better health outcomes in the Pittman Neighborhood by improving access to parks, health care, fresh foods, housing, transportation, education and workforce development. The plan has created significant momentum with the addition of a mobile farmers market, community garden classroom, after school super program, mobile healthcare clinic and additional grants and in-kind funding. The Pittman Neighborhood is ripe for reinvestment and would benefit greatly from continued focus, partnership and leverage.

32003005438 (S. Boulder Highway Corridor): During the recent Henderson Strong comprehensive planning effort, the community prioritized increased investment in the Boulder Highway Corridor among others. Boulder Highway was also recognized as a regional connector and prioritized as an opportunity site in the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development-- Southern Nevada Strong. In response, the City of Henderson applied for and received the Brownfield Community-Wide Assessment Grant through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that allows the city to fund site research and environmental assessments on eligible properties in the area. The assessment process better positions property owners to more easily market their vacant or underutilized properties or repurpose them for a higher return on investment. There is significant momentum on the Boulder Highway Corridor and it is well positioned for an Opportunity Zone designation.

The HCC askes members to consider taking the time to fill out the GOED Nomination Form and submit on behalf of one of the Henderson tracts listed above or otherwise. Redevelopment and reinvestment in key areas is critical to our continued economic and community livelihood.  

Remember, public comment runs only through April 18.

More Information:

The Opportunity Zones program was enacted to encourage investment in low-income communities. Created as part of the 2017 federal tax reform package (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act), the program affords Governor Sandoval the ability to nominate up to 61 census tracts in Nevada to be part of an "Opportunity Zone." These census tracts must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible; primarily, they must be low-income communities. Being part of an Opportunity Zone provides a tax incentive for investors to reinvest unrealized capital gains into low-income urban and rural communities.


Jan. 4, 2018

New Nevada State laws take effect Jan. 1, 2018

There are several bills enacted by the Nevada State Legislature following the 2017 session that went into effect starting January 1, 2018, with some that may be of particular interest to our Henderson Chamber of Commerce member businesses.

Those include:

Assembly Bill 474 - Makes various changes relating to drug overdoses and prescribing and using drugs. -- The legislation sets targets on those prescribing drugs to curb over prescription of narcotic drugs. Doctors are now attempting to adhere to the enacted legislation, but not without difficulty as the legislation does not clearly outline provisions and reporting details. Oversight of the legislation now falls under the Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners and the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners, which is now creating a working group to discuss oversight details that may have been missed and/or not addressed within the bill itself.

Senate Bill 232 – Enacts Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights. – Enacted law requires employers of domestic works, and others, to provide workers with certain written documentation of the conditions employment and right to work under the law. Law also addresses changes in mandatory payment of wages and overtime wages for a certain number of hours works, outlines limitation of deductions for food and lodging expenses, and addresses workers rest break and days off.

Other bills enacted on January 1, 2018 also include:

Assembly Bill 204 – Name changes on marriage licenses

Assembly Bill 249 & Senate Bill 233 - State Plan for Medicaid and all health insurance plans to provide certain benefits relating to contraception

Assembly Bill 261 – Motorcycle learner’s permits

Assembly Bill 335 – Moped drivers must drive in the right-hand lane on highways

Assembly Bill 384 – “Banning the Box” (i.e. criminal history notification) for government job applications until in-person interview

Assembly Bill 420 – Electronic device access for prisoners

Senate Bill 19 – Dual credit courses for high school students

Senate Bill 189 – Child Care Facility training for employees

Senate Bill 194 – Prohibition of selling products derived/containing certain animal species under certain circumstances

Senate Bill 339 – More cars eligible for issuance of vintage plates

Senate Bill 482 – Health care facility ratings display

Senate Bill 511 – Changes to boating and wildlife licenses



September 7, 2017
DOL moves forward, appeals "overtime rule" injunction; HCC encourages members to provide feedback by Sept. 25

September 1, 2017
HCC’s Issues Committee kicks off, to develop federal policy platform

August 31, 2017
Federal representatives reach out to Henderson business community

June 22, 2017
2017 Legislative Report

June 1, 2017
Henderson Chamber to host 2017 in Summation: Biannual Nevada Legislative luncheon June 22

May 13, 2017
Henderson Chamber of Commerce publishes 2017 "Member Policy Survey"

Click to read and download the survey

March - May 2017
Published HCC business advocacy newsletters for the 79th Nevada Legislative Session

March 29, 2017
Please take a moment to complete our 2017 Business Policy Survey

March 10, 2017
IMPAC partners to support Mayoral Debate March 27 at Henderson Convention Center

February 27, 2017
Business PAC supporting March for Mayor and Marz for Council Ward III in City of Henderson municipal elections

February. 8, 2017
HCC  continues to advocate for business at state and federal levels

February 8, 2017
IMPAC prepares for City of Henderson municipal elections

Sept. 2, 2016
HCC supports NAIOP land-use study to benefit long-term public land-use planning in Henderson, surrounding areas

Aug. 25, 2016
Henderson Chamber of Commerce supports fuel revenue indexing extension

uly 26, 2016
Henderson IMPAC endorses pro-business candidates for state general elections

June 20, 2016
Nevada Commerce Tax notification

May 24, 2016
Henderson Chamber's IMPAC encourages businesses to support endorsed candidates for early voting May 28-June 10

May 5, 2016
Henderson IMPAC hosts “Meet the Candidates” event to introduce endorsed candidates to business community

April 25, 2016
HCC's IMPAC endorses pro-business candidates for state primary elections

April 25, 2016
HCC to co-host inaugural “Campaign School 101” April 29

April 15, 2016
Legislative programs and priorities discussed during April 12 HCC event

February 2, 2016
HCC publishes 2016 “Member Policy Survey” report