The HCC Mail List/Labels

Want To Send Your Event or Marketing Piece to HCC Members? The complete HCC membership list includes approximately 1,800 contacts.

List Use

The list use is a one-time use through our mailing house. A draft of the item you intend to mail to the members must be submitted to Donna Israelson at DIsraelson@hendersonchamber.com for approval. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email giving you permission to use the mailing list through our mail house. You then negotiate directly with the mailing house for the printing, copying, mailing services that you require.  The cost of these services are not included in the list use fee to the Henderson Chamber of Commerce and are payable directly to the mailing house.

Mailing Labels

We also offer printed labels that can be adhered to your mail piece. Please allow for 10 -5 business days for the labels to be printed and mailed to you.

Member Directory Print-Out

The non-editable HCC Member Directory Print-Out is for reference only and may not be distributed to any third parties. You are allowed to use this list to create your own distribution list by typing in the Member contact info and building your own database.

Mailing List Rates           List Use         Printed Labels         Member Directory Print-Out
HCC Member                  $200                  $100                                      $50
Non-Member                   $400               Not Available                    Not Available

Company Name:
Contact Name:

Mailing List Rental

List use fee:
Printed labels - $100:
HCC Members Only
Non-editable file - $50:
HCC Members Only
Please explain how you plan to use the HCC Member Mailing List: