Tiered Sponsorships

The HCC has designed several levels of Tiered Sponsorships to meet all budget types. These sponsor levels help to underwrite the programs and events provided by the HCC and they provide the highest visibility and the strongest recognition for sponsors.


Diamond Sponsors | $20,000+
The Diamond level is the highest level of sponsorship and provides the most effective and consistent support of the chamber’s activities. It is designed to provide the maximum exposure and impact for your company at all the major chamber events throughout the year.

Executive Platinum Sponsors | $15,000
Executive Platinum is an important tiered sponsor level as companies at this level will be recognized at a majority of our monthly events and thus will receive outstanding exposure to our 1,300+ members.

Platinum Sponsors | $10,000
A Platinum Sponsorship ensures that HCC Members recognize your company as being an important part of their chamber and that you financially support our business programs and community outreach efforts.

Gold Sponsors | $6,500
The Gold Sponsorship is a prime level of sponsorship and provides valuable networking and participation in the key events throughout the year.

Silver Sponsors | $3,500
The Silver Sponsorship is an essential level of support and provides exceptional marketing through the programs and events that you choose to target.

Executive HDA (Henderson Development Association) Sponsors | $6,500
HDA Executive Sponsors will be recognized as leaders in the HDA’s efforts to grow our economy and encourage businesses to choose Henderson when deciding on where to relocate or expand.

HDA (Henderson Development Association) Sponsors | $3,500
The HDA Sponsorship focuses on programs that benefit the economic development of our business community.


Please note: A portion of your sponsorship will be directed (unless otherwise instructed) to support our Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC). IMPAC is a bipartisan group that makes direct contributions to candidates who promote and vote for an agenda of a favorable business climate. IMPAC operates separately from the HCC by independent HCC volunteer members and follows the mission of the HCC and its member businesses. These redirected funds support our advocacy efforts that allow you to benefit from and contribute to our unified business voice in government (up to 5% of your funding is non-deductable and goes toward our lobbyist and advocacy programs supporting member businesses).

For more details on all of our sponsorship options, please contact us. We can provide your business with a customized proposal that can fit your needs and goals.