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Pacific Pool Supply

Member Since 1/2018
55 E. Horizon Ridge Pkwy. #120
Henderson, NV 89002
In 2010, in the depth of the recession, construction work for our struggling contracting company became very hard to find. So, I began making and selling homemade salsa for some extra money and I also began cleaning swimming pools just to pay our bills and put food on the table. It was in cleaning pools that the seed of a pool supply store was planted. "The seed of a pool supply store was planted..." I traveled to and from Henderson or Las Vegas for supplies and parts and I felt that Boulder City needed a pool supply store. I held onto that idea until we could fund it five years later in 2015. In 2015, we began doing better in the construction business which freed up some funds to start the business; but not much so I knew it wouldn’t be easy. In my research I found that the basic metrics for a pool supply store is 3,000 pools in a four mile radius. I used Google Earth to count each pool within our local radius with a baseball counter; my best count was 2,100, almost 33% below the basic metric. However, I considered that Boulder City, being a small community, it was a realistic expectation that we could capture 85% of the local swimming pool supply market. Combining this goal with low storefront lease rates and low overhead, plus peeling off a slice of the Henderson market, I was confident that we’d have a successful venture. We did and we have! "I was confident that we'd have a successful venture..." Our initial vision was to build an affordable retail pool supply store with a pool maintenance service side as well. We funded our opening inventory with $20,000 cash and a $43,000 line of credit from the country’s largest pool supply distributor, PoolCorp USA. I hired a pool store manager away from Nationwide Pool Supply (NPS) and we opened our first retail store in Boulder City on April 17th, 2015. The next step was to build our pool service routes. "The next step was to build our pool services routes..." The typical way to get into pool cleaning services is to purchase routes. A typical account costs 4x to 5x its monthly rate which averages around $100/month; so a route of 50 accounts easily runs over $20,000. We certainly didn’t have that kind of money! After purchasing inventory, shelving, lease space improvements, the POS system and a new state-of-the-art water-testing station, we were broke! The problem is, you cannot hire a pool cleaning technician and only give him/her three or four routes… that’s not enough to sustain a full-time job. So it fell upon me to flyer neighborhoods, acquire new accounts and clean any pools we signed. Mind you, at the time, the economy was beginning to turn around and I was negotiating construction contracts, designing those build-outs, fulfilling our previously signed construction contracts and estimating and bidding new work for those businesses. I was averaging 4 hours of sleep a night! Ultimately, I was able to purchase five pool cleaning accounts from a local property manager and signed ten more accounts from my canvassing efforts. I was cleaning fifteen pools on Saturdays and Sundays before I was able to hire and train a pool service technician for our maintenance service. It was hardly enough to keep a full-time tech busy, but I continued canvassing and slowly built the routes we have today. I learned during my recession days of cleaning pools that there’s an inherently high turnover rate in the pool service business so I wanted us to address some problems I had identified early on. At Pacific Pool Supply we pride ourselves on the fact that our pool service techs are background checked by us before hiring. We’ve always felt it was our responsibility to know who we were sending into our customers backyards. We also wanted to operate differently than most independent pool service companies. For example, most pool services are operated by an individual and so when customers call, you’re usually calling a personal cell phone, leaving a voicemail and hoping they call you back. At Pacific Pool Supply, you either call the store directly or our customer service number. When you call customer service, our service agent in the office answers, takes notes of your issue and schedules a service tech to see to it that you’re taken care of. When we built our website, we wanted to make sure we incorporated that same ease of communication between our company and our customers… no more leaving a voicemail on a cell phone and never knowing when that pool tech is going to sneak in your backyard and leave again. Since our inception we’ve gone from zero to ninety accounts having purchased only five. I think that says a lot about our service and the experience we provide our customers. We fulfilled that vision of a retail store and service provider where our customers shopped seamlessly between chemicals on the shelf and repairs and services in the field and so it was time to grow! We had our eyes on the Von’s shopping center at Horizon Ridge and Horizon location for over two years and always wanted to open a store there, but the cash flow that the Boulder City store was generating wasn’t nearly enough to fund an all-out expansion. In 2017 we made the decision to close the Boulder City store and re-open Pacific Pool Supply in Henderson where we continue to service Boulder City since we’re still their closest pool store, as well as all our Henderson and Boulder City pool maintenance service customers. Now we’re meeting a lot of new people though the Henderson Chamber of Commerce and establishing new customers both in the retail store and in field services. We look forward to continued growth in our business as well as our community! Sincerely, Don M. Rodriguez Pacific Pool Supply & Service Pool supplies, Retail store, Monthly pool service, and Repairs

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