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Insight Que Solutions

Member Since 1/2019

Insight Que Solutions provides end to end strategic marketing solutions such as website design, online marketing campaigns for targeting prospects, optimization, campaign execution and consulting services (e.g., management consulting, solution architecture) to help clients grow and provide the best return for their Dollar Our work experiences span across multiple industries such as marketing, retail and eCommerce, automotive, energy, high risk industries such as CBD. We apply data-driven predictive marketing, analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence based solutions that can define best in class strategy and solutions to provide a competitive edge to our clients. By executing these techniques, we were able to increase and grow the reach, engagement and sales for our customers up to 80% Helping You Target where to Best Spend Your Marketing Dollars--Data Driven Strategic Solutions, Marketing-Analytics Solution, Predictive Marketing

We offer 10% commission for any valid referral, once a new client signs a contract with us.

Business Category

Retail, Solar Energy, Bank, Credit Services, Credit Union, Hotel/Casino, Hotel/Motel, Dentist/Orthodontist, Health Care Service, Health/Nutrition, Apartments, RV/Mobile Home Park/Sales, Real Estate, Real Estate Investments, Advertising, Communications, Marketing, Media-Radio/Television, Promotional Products, Social Media, Website Development/Design, Non-Profit, Attorney/Legal Services, Beauty Salon & Spa Services, Business Services/Consulting, Auto Parts Sales, Auto/Truck Rental, Automobile Sales


Primary Contact

Dan Sarkar
Dan Sarkar ---------------- Dan is a analytics professional with 15+ years experience in directing companies toward profitability using data, analytics and developing strategic insights from it. Dan has been fortunate to serve with various well-recognized and start-ups companies, which includes Verizon, Four Seasons, AAA, Sunlytics, etc. Brain Mell ------------- Brian is an award winning digital media and marketing professional with 10+ years experience in directing companies toward profitability through strategically produced marketing campaigns.