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Boom Intelligence Group

Member Since 8/2018

Boom Intelligence Group (BIG) is an audience engagement agency that helps brands of all sizes (Solopreneur to Fortune 500) engage their audience using emotionally driven storyselling techniques. We call it Emotional Intelligence for Audience Engagement. Whenever you engage your audience you should never go small. Always go BIG.

Business Category

Retail, Business/Workforce Training, Children Entertainment/Educational Programs, Collection Agency, Credit Services, Entertainment, Recreation, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, Website Development/Design, Non-Profit


Primary Contact

Troy Ritchie
Troy Ritchie has helped brands of all sizes within industries such as Sports and Entertainment, Education, and Technology. Clients include the Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Hawks, Villanova University, Providence College, Rutgers University, Microsoft, Philips Healthcare, and Snap! Mobile.