Ribbon Cutting
   September 14, 2017 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting Celebrating New Location for Valhalla Wellness and Medical Centers
2440 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Suite #100, Henderson, NV 89052
Thu 9/14/17  5:30 - 6:00 pm

Valhalla Wellness and Medical Centers


Healing Bodies, Changing Lives.


We employ functional medicine to pinpoint the true cause before prescribing any treatment. 


Our team of providers includes a medical doctor, a naturopathic physician, and a chiropractic physician. This empowers us to employ an integrated approach to your treatment. We use functional medicine to pinpoint the true cause of your underlying problem. Our initial goal is to decrease your symptoms and make you feel better. The ultimate goal is to reduce your reliance on medication, leaving you feeling better naturally.


Functional Medicine - A patient centered approach focusing on the whole person and geared toward healing on a cellular level. Functional medicine means we chase symptoms less and focus more on finding long-term resolutions to your underlying issues.

Cellular Healing Protocols – We will guide you through five protocols of cellular healing that will enable your body to heal itself aiding in the treatment of Diabetes, Neuropathy, Thyroid Disease, Auto-Immune Disease, and more. 

Weight Loss – Even if your past attempts to lose weight have been unsuccessful, there’s hope. Our customized and functional approach to weight loss will give you the results you desire.

Nutritional Counseling – Tired of trying every fad diet and getting no results? Our nutritional counselors will help you determine what improvements can be made in your eating habits to improve your overall health.

Neuropathy Treatments – Quality of life is not living in constant pain. With our neuropathy treatment plan, we’ll provide relief from symptoms in the short term then employ our functional approach to healing TO address your underlying problems for long-term relief and improved health.

Diabetes Treatments – Diabetes affects millions of people and is accompanied by minor to more serious side effects. Treating your diabetes with a functional focus can lessen those symptoms and even reverse the disease entirely.

Autoimmune Treatment – Don’t settle for a treatment that only provides relief for the time being. Instead, opt for a treatment that provides a long-term resolution of your symptoms allowing you to experience optimal health.

Thyroid Treatment - Just like many other diseases, the longer you go without treatment, the worse you feel and the worse the disease gets. Treatment at Valhalla Wellness includes a naturopathic physician along with other physicians, therapies and supplementations.

Body Contouring – Featuring tools like the award winning iLipo laser and the Zerona fat melting lipo laser, we offer convenient, safe and pain free body contouring designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite without surgery.

Blood Testing – Part of understanding overall wellness is making sure you know how your results compare to “normal” clinical ranges and healthy ranges. We offer a 52-point blood panel and an in-depth analysis of your results.

Treatment for Depression – Are you lacking energy? Feeling anxious or discouraged? We’ll help you get to the bottom of what’s going on with a functional approach to depression.



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