Sept. 7, 2017

DOL moves forward, appeals "overtime rule" injunction; HCC encourages members to provide feedback by Sept. 25

As some of our Henderson Chamber of Commerce (HCC) members may know, last week the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas granted the motion brought by the U.S. Chamber and other business groups, to convert the preliminary injunction against the DOL’s 2016 Overtime Rule to a permanent injunction. This is a final judgment and a win for the business community, as it permanently removes the Obama Administration’s Overtime Rule and sets the stage for the Department of Labor (DOL) to develop a new rule with a more appropriate update to the salary threshold for exempt employees.  

We thank many of you who weighed in during the comment period to your Nevada federal delegates last year when your Henderson Chamber of Commerce (HCC) distributed information to you about the proposed regulation in June 2016. It was during that same time that your HCC advocated to your congressional representatives to oppose the ruling and instead support a process in which a detailed economic analysis could be conducted to better determine salary levels, impact on an array of employers with a primary emphasis on requesting the DOL to consider more gradual, and transitional approaches to assist businesses versus its proposed rule.

WHAT’S NEXT: The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has now begun the process of formally considering a new rule, via a Request for Information (RFI) to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, to its previously filed 2016 “overtime ruling.” The DOL, through its RFI, seeks public comment on a number of issues relating to the “white collar” overtime exemptions, including how to determine what the minimum salary level should be. Responses are to be used in assisting the drafting of proposed revisions to the “overtime ruling.” [Part 541]

We encourage all Henderson Chamber of Commerce (HCC) member employers to read the DOL’s proposal [located at 29 CFR, part 541] and provide public comment to the federal government about how it may impact your ability to operate and growth your business. Deadline to submit comments is September 25, 2017 and can be made online via the Federal Register here.


Sept. 1, 2017

HCC’s Issues Committee kicks off, to develop federal policy platform

Since the 2017 Nevada Legislative Session ended, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce’s (HCC) policy focus has shifted to the federal arena. To that end, the HCC’s Issues Committee, chaired by Aviva Gordon of Gordon Law, and John Wightman of Rich, Wightman & Company CPAs, commenced with its federal planning efforts during its annual kick-off meeting in August.

Additional 2017-2018 Issues Committee members include: Rob Buckel of I Want My 2 Dollars, David Dahan of Orgill/Singer & Associates, Debbie Tuttle of Keller Williams Realty, Karl Sundberg of Nevada Health Centers, Rick Smith of RDS Properties, Katie Ryan of Dignity Health, Chuck Mohler or Eagle Corporate Advisors, Shaundell Newsome of SumNu Marketing, Oren Young of Ethel M. Chocolates, George Racz of Las Vegas Distillery and Jeremy Golar of Retirement Benefits Group.

Learn more about the HCC's core issue areas it advocates on to protect your business.


Aug. 31, 2017

Federal representatives reach out to Henderson business community

In August, during a congressional break when federal leaders return to their districts, HCC staff and key chamber member representatives met with U.S. Senator Dean Heller as well as U.S. Congresswoman Jacky Rosen to discuss the state of small business and federal issues impacting them and their ability to grow.

Discuss topics with leaders ranged from health care, overtime regulations, tax reform and Yucca Mountain to which both candidly shared perspectives on an array of issues from the federal vantage point.

It was an ideal opportunity for the HCC to lay groundwork for HCC’s return to Washington D.C. in 2018 and, more importantly, provide an opportunity to our member businesses to directly share concerns and opportunities with federal leaders.



June 22, 2017

2017 Legislative Report2017 Legislative Report
The HCC takes pride and responsibility in its advocacy role on your behalf and is committed to continuing to work with our elected officials to share your priorities, interests and concerns to help build a path for our future.  The 2017 Legislative Report summarizes legislation passed and reviews some of the more significant proposals that were defeated. 


June 1, 2017

Henderson Chamber to host 2017 in Summation: Biannual Nevada Legislative luncheon June 22

Join us and our featured speaker and the HCC’s contract chief lobbyist, Rocky Finseth who is president/CEO of Carrara Nevada, for an inside look at key bills state legislators acted on that will impact local businesses, discuss HCC’s role in the advocacy process to protect members and get a glimpse of what the political and policy landscape may look like into the future for the State of Nevada.

Finseth’s firm, a veteran government affairs and lobbying firm in the state, has been at the table and in the mix of many of the major political decisions in Nevada for more than 20 years, including on behalf of the HCC since 2014.

With more than two decades of experience himself at the local, state and federal level, Finseth is a well-respected mainstay in the statewide policy and political sphere and has received numerous recognitions for his work in developing powerful and proven political programs throughout the state.

Register to attend the luncheon today.


May 13, 2017

Henderson Chamber of Commerce publishes 2017 "Member Policy Survey"

From February through April 2017, a survey was conducted among members of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, Henderson Development Association, Henderson Chamber of Commerce Foundation and IMPAC. The purpose of the survey was to discover, broadly, state and local policy issues that may be impacting the local business community.

From the table of data collected via 109 respondents, the most significant items are as follows:

While revenue increases over the previous year were reported (38%), respondents believe they need to generate more revenue to hire and when doing so, cite finding qualified workers as a primary challenge.

When considering to hire new employees, respondents largely cited (26%) “economic uncertainty” as a primary obstacle before proceeding with the decision to hire. Through shared input, respondents felt general political uncertainty were present at all levels of government.

Respondents, while still concerned about taxes and regulations year-over-year, are quick to list “workforce development” matters are their increasing second concern, in terms of finding qualified workers to expand their business. In 2016, respondents cited “taxes” as their secondary concern.

 *Average external surveys receive a 10-15% response rate. This survey received an 11.9% response rate.

 Click to read and download the survey


Legislative Newsletters

May 17, 2017

May 3, 2017

April 19, 2017

April 5, 2017

March 23, 2017


March 29, 2017

Please take a moment to complete our 2017 Business Policy Survey

Your responses help us better understand issues impacting you and your business to aid in our ongoing local and state business advocacy efforts. Please consider the needs of your business when answering the survey questions.  Your name and your organization's contact information will remain confidential.  Thank you.



March 10, 2017

IMPAC partners to support Mayoral Debate March 27 at Henderson Covention Center

Emerald Island Casino and KXNT host inaugural mayoral debate

Emerald Island Casino in conjunction with CBS Radio's KXNT 840 AM, and with the support of Henderson's Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC), will host an inaugural City of Henderson mayoral debate on Monday, March 27 at the Henderson Convention Center from 3-6 p.m.

This event is free and open to the public.

For details, click here.


Feb. 27, 2017

Business PAC supporting March for Mayor and Marz for Council Ward III

Henderson's Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC) has finalized its endorsements Debra March for Mayor and John Marz for Ward III as the City of Henderson prepares to host its primary elections April 4.

Henderson IMPAC serves as a comprehensive, non-partisan  political action committee that contributes to the creation of a favorable business climate in  Henderson as it relates to issues  a t the state and local level. IMPAC, which is independent of the Henderson Chamber of  Commerce but supports its  organizational vision, discussed issues involving economic development, land-use planning, budgeting and finances and more with candidates. 

enderson IMPAC's mission is to encourage the protection and enhancement of constitutional liberties; promote the good citizenship of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce members through personal and financial participation in the state and local elective process; and any additional areas of government policy or regulation the Henderson Chamber of Commerce encourages, promotes or opposes.

Henderson IMPAC asks that you consider supporting the above candidates when voting this election season.

Feb. 8, 2017

HCC continues to advocate for businesss at state and federal levels

FEDERAL: Federally, last month your HCC was first to reach out and meet with US Senator Catherine Cortez Masto's state director and Congresswoman Jacky Rosen to discuss matters important to you, the health of your business and the long-term investments our community is making now that is impacted by tomorrow's federal decisions.

STATE: On January 17, your HCC Board Chairman, Tim Brooks, was in Carson City as the guest of Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante Adams for Governor Sandoval's 2017 Nevada State of the State address. Indeed, while it was an honor to be present among a special group for such an occasion, it was an opportunity to ensure that HCC's 1,300-member strong community was represented amongst our state legislators.

The HCC has been hard-at-work advocating on your behalf as the Nevada Legislative session began just this week in Carson City, Nevada. Your Legislative Committee, chaired by Aviva Gordon of Gordon Law, has been combing through bills since November and will continue until all have been filed in order to pull and review bills that touch HCC's core issue areas: economic development, taxes and regulations, education and workforce readiness, infrastructure and healthcare. Meanwhile, while still reviewing bills, the committee has already been working together with the Lieutenant Governor's office to assist on matters to ensure your business is protected.

Next week, on February 14, HCC's Legislative Delegation will travel to the state's capitol to participate in the 79th Nevada Legislative Session and meet with legislators throughout the day to discuss policy perspectives that foster economic growth, jobs and new opportunities for our members. In fact, the HCC's focal point this session is on economic development, specifically workforce development matters that you - our members - have communicated clearly is of utmost concern to you as you continue build your business. Our conversations in the state's capitol will also emphasize HCC's support of the appropriation of capital funds to assist local colleges, safeguarding transportation alternatives for the future as well as discussions surrounding minimum wage, taxes and regulations. Following a jammed packed day of meetings, the HCC's Legislative Delegation looks forward to its Legislative Reception, hosted at the Governor's Mansion, to enhance and build relationships with our state's elected officials alongside a number of HCC members who are also in Carson City to advocate on behalf of their organization. (A special thank you to our reception sponsors, City of Henderson, Emerald Island Casino, Sansone Companies, CenturyLink and Southwest Gas for your support.)

Click here to view the Bill Draft Request (BDR) list and filed bills to date


Feb. 8, 2017

IMPAC prepares for City of Henderson municipal elections
As Mayor Andy Hafen prepares to depart his office due to term limits, Henderson's Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC) readies for a new City of Henderson (city) mayor and an election for a Ward III council person.

Now that the candidate filing deadline passed last week, IMPAC anticipates it will make endorsements in these races the week of February 20, which is in advance of the early voting period for the primary election. 

Candidates filed include:

MAYOR: Anthony Csuzi, Angelo Gomez, Eddie Hamilton, Crystal Hendrickson, Debra March, Jerry Sakura and Rick Workman

CITY COUNCIL WARD III: Carrie Cox, Matthew DeFalco and John Marz.

Members are encouraged to participate in the electoral process at all levels, including municipal elections, as decisions made at a city level impact business. 

For candidate information and details on early voting dates and vote center location, click here


Sept. 2, 2016

HCC supports NAIOP land-use study to benefit long-term public land-use planning in Henderson, surrounding areas

On Sept. 1, the HCC Board of Directors authorized the support for a 2016 study conducted by NAIOP Southern Nevada, “Strategic Analysis of Southern Nevada’s Economy: Potential Land Constraints on Economic Growth & Development.” [Read the study]

The study addresses land-use planning measures involving the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Resource Management Plan (RMP) and analyzes considerations that could be considered in order to fully meet the estimated growth and needs of Southern Nevada, particularly within Henderson and Ivanpah.

The letter of support is intended to add leverage to the study to encourage the Governor and Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development to ask the BLM to place a tentative hold on finalizing the plan until further private sector input is provided. Currently, the BLM intends to finalize its plan winter 2016/2017.

[Read the study]



Aug. 25, 2016
Henderson Chamber of Commerce supports fuel revenue indexing extension

uly 26, 2016
Henderson IMPAC endorses pro-business candidates for state general elections

June 20, 2016
Nevada Commerce Tax notification

May 24, 2016
Henderson Chamber's IMPAC encourages businesses to support endorsed candidates for early voting May 28-June 10

May 5, 2016
Henderson IMPAC hosts “Meet the Candidates” event to introduce endorsed candidates to business community

April 25, 2016
HCC's IMPAC endorses pro-business candidates for state primary elections

April 25, 2016
HCC to co-host inaugural “Campaign School 101” April 29

April 15, 2016
Legislative programs and priorities discussed during April 12 HCC event

February 2, 2016
HCC publishes 2016 “Member Policy Survey” report